​​Autobiographical Stories

​​Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, 19 October 2019

​Wilderness House Literary Review, summer 2010
​"The American Club and the Vermin of the Wilderness"

Wilderness House Literary Review, spring, 2010​
"My Life in Corporate Japan"
​​The Write Place At the Write Time, spring 2010
"Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)"

Dans​e Macabre, September 2009
"Slumming in Osaka/Mother's Day"

Wilderness House Literary Review​​, summer 2009
"From the Lone Star State to the Golden Gate"

​​News Stories (samples)

The Daily Californian, 10 November 1988
"Peace Corps volunteers learn about world"

The Tenderloin Times, February 1988
"70 Years Ago in Neighborhood History:
​TL morality crusade draws prostitutes' wrath"
Book Reviews (samples)

amazon.com and goodreads.com, 22 July 2021
Review of Karen Hill Anton's memoir The View From Breast Pocket Mountain

donmaclaren.com, 2 April 2021
​​Review of memoir Tokyo Junkie and interview with author, Robert Whiting

​​Commentary/Letters (samples)

Japan Subculture Research Center, 31 March 2014​
"​​​Japan's "exemplary" behavior"

The Japan Times, 1 December 2011
"Don't count on a reformation"​

​​TIME, 28 September 2009
"A New Direction in Japan"

The Japan Times, 4 September 2002
"Offer foreign teachers tenure"

The Mainichi Daily News, 19 April 1999
"The back wages of sin"

The Japan Times, 4 April 1999
"Labor scofflaws still running amok"

BusinessWeek (International), 7 December 1998
"Corruption is de rigueur in corporate Japan"

The Japan Times, 22 November 1998
"Better to bomb than blockade"

The Mainichi Daily News, 31 October 1998
"Pros and cons of Japan bashing"

The Japan Times, 25 October 1998
"Troubling memories of the past"

The Japan Times, 27 May 1998
"Avoiding war with Ho Chi Minh"

The Japan Times, 10 May 1998
"Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist"

The Japan Times, 3 May 1998
"Pride in the name of truth"

The Japan Times, 14 December 1997
"Labor scofflaws often go unpunished"

​Interviews (samples)

​​Interview with Robert Whiting, author of Tokyo Underworld
Wilderness House Literary Review, autumn 2012

​​Interview with Robert Whiting, author of Tokyo Underworld​ and Tokyo Junkie
donmaclaren.com, April 2021​


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